Index Of All My Blogs

I’m not sure I have much left to say, and I’m too rubbish to work out how to properly organise my front page to allow people to sift through the blogs I’ve written. So I thought I’d make an Index Blog which has easy links to all my blogs so that people don’t have to scroll through lots of stuff they’re not interested in, in order to get to where they want to go.

Blogs about being a teacher, and life inside a school

My leaving blog, ’11 Years a Teacher’. Sentimental claptrap.

A blog which both provides a defence for secondary teachers against misuse of exam results for performance management, and also questions whether the much-cited “good” and “bad” teachers actually can be found through such results.

Being a Head of Department

A blog which muses on personal reasons to leave or stay in teaching

This one was a popular one about the teacher shortage : Gove’s Perfect Storm

Trust and teachers : how sometimes the profession is its own worst enemy

Teacher Workload and Morgan’s “Bonfire of Red Tape”

“Continuous Improvement” – is it ever possible ?

School Uniforms : just stop being silly

Teacher job Adverts, and how you can tell a lot about the person writing them !

The one about The Cult Of The Leader. I enjoyed writing this. Not sure many self-referencing “leaders” enjoyed reading it.

Performance Related Pay, as interpreted through “The Princess Bride”.

Why Best Practice isn’t Best Practice if it ignores reality

Advice to an NQT – I’ve had a few, and they seem to have done ok….

“I’m not an ‘Outstanding Teacher’. Nobody is.” was my first big circulation blog. Lots of impassioned comments BTL.

Sabbaticals might be a good idea. But only if you get the head to sign a right of return, in blood !

Putting a Contract out on Teachers : musings on addressing workload

Blogs about our one-size-fits-all education policy, and how less academically able children are being increasingly badly provided for in our education system

The New Authoritarianism – the growth of extreme practises in the name of “standards”

Public humiliation of children – I have no compromise on this. Those who publicly humiliate children are child abusers, and I give not one stuff about their motives.

A blog about the return of selection and grammar schools, and how Gove’s “reforms” paved the way for it : Part 1

The second blog about the return of selection, and a few sideswipes at useful idiots: Part 2

“Mediocre Failures” is the one which went viral and garnered nearly 750,000 hits. It’s a rage against the Goverment’s cloth-eared approach to educating less academically able children

Academic versus Vocational, or “Traditional” versus “Progressive” arguments are not really my thing

Telling Penguins to Flap Harder. Probably my favourite blog, it’s about the “Growth Mindset”, and how the road to hell is paved, as ever, with good intentions.

A plea for nuance and complexity in education policy

Pupil Premium blog referencing Jack Marwood’s excellent analysis

Grammar schools, and why a selective system sucks

Blogs about the ridiculousness of the Govian consensus currently dominant in education policy

Of Course It’s Bloody Privatisation : a blog about the obvious endpoint of the post-2010 “reforms”

The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Schools : what Multi-Academy Trusts mean

Why the end of the forced academisation policy isn’t the end to privatisation

A blog taking the mickey out of Policy Exchange, the organisation which has done more than any other to privatise and trash education in this country

The silliness of the “Progressive v Traditionalist” Straw Man argument

Naked Education Policy points out the nonsensical assumptions behind nearly all government/Ofsted education orthodoxy

The terrible emptiness of Tristram Hunt’s education policy

A market in children – free market GERM ideology and its consequences for education

Oh God, does anyone remember Tristram Hunt’s “Teacher Oath” ?

Gove’s vandalism – will it ever wash off ?

Basically just a vitriolic rant about what an utter arse Gove was. One of those ones which was really cathartic to write.

Blogs which were short Guardian Pieces – usually attempting to be light-heartedly informative

How to complain effectively to a school

How to do parents’ evenings

Choosing a secondary school

Brexit in the classroom

Blogs about Academies policy generally, or looking at particular academies often held up as paragons

This one draws attention to the remarkable parallels between old Education Action Zones policy, and new Academy Chains policy

Mossbourne’s more outlandish attempts to manipulate admissions

This one on the West London Free School and its apparent policy of educational apartheid upset Toby Young so much he started trolling me on twitter !

A hard look at Mossbourne’s stats

An even harder look at the Harris Empire’s stats

This was my first blog, and it was surprisingly Hunt, not Gove, who finally drove me to put finger to keyboard in anger, through his wilful misrepresentation of a report on Academy Chains, in which he distorted the facts to fit his free-market prejudices.

Blogs about politics more generally

Thoughts on the 2016 US election

Why I found the criticism of Jeremy Corbyn a little over the top

My fairly depressed reaction to both the 2015 election result, but also the simplistic response to it in some quarters

A bit of a crossover, with a diary of my school’s mock election in 2015. Good for funny posters !

Why I was a terrible civil servant in the DFE

Bloody Brexit: the World Turned Upside Down

Peronne Road Cemetery: reflections on life, politics and the future

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