Lessons from History: Peronne Road Cemetery

Lessons from history

This week, our history department took our annual trip of Year 9s to the battlefields of Belgium and France. Many history teachers will know the drill: Tyne Cot Cemetery’s awesome scale; the tragic majesty of the Menin Gate; forcing your students to spend more time reading the information displays in the excellent Cloth Hall museum in Ypres, or the Musee Somme in Albert; gasping at the incredible size of the Lochnagar crater; reflecting sombrely on the sacrifice of the Newfoundlanders at Beaumont-Hamel; and blowing off a little steam in the reconstructed trenches and tunnels of Sanctuary Wood. The fact that it’s so standard doesn’t stop it from being a valuable experience for the students, and long may it continue. However, for me, on what I think was my twelfth or thirteenth visit to the battlefields, this year was different. Continue reading