How to complain effectively

The Guardian published one of my pieces here. It was intended as light entertainment, and hopefully will be taken as such. When originally asked to do it, I was worried that if I did it seriously, it would come across like a tedious leaflet stuck to the community noticeboard in the local library, whereas if I went for laughs, I’d either hugely offend teachers, or hugely offend parents. Given that I’m both a teacher and a parent, this felt like a no-win situation. Anyway, the Guardian clearly thought it wasn’t too offensive, although a few bits were lost in the sub-editing. One of those bits was my traditional insult to Gove. As a Disappointed Idealist piece without a Gove insult is like mash without sausage, or rugby league without a fight, I felt I’d better reproduce the original unedited version here for those people who want a Gove-bashing fix. Continue reading