Pupil Premium : how it could all go horribly wrong

I’m a fan of the pupil premium as a concept. It may not be perfect (what is?), but it seems to me a sensible approach to provide greater resources for those who have greater need.

However, Jack Marwood, writing at his excellent blog, has been chipping away not at the pupil premium, but at how it is being implemented.

I hope he’ll forgive me if I get this wrong, but I think his argument stems from two things :

1) The culture of judging schools and teachers via decontextualised data is in danger of putting in place bizarre perverse incentives in schools regarding “closing the gap”

2) The use of typical politicians’ language of the “no excuses culture” variety of empty rhetoric, by those within and outside the education system, is in danger of taking a potentially good idea and turning it into something which is decoupling (once again) reality from policy.

His blog is here. While there, I would recommend you look around his other postings, as they are very informative.


I would have reblogged this, but my lack of technical know-how means you’ll have to make do with a link !


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